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The Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar is pleased to announce that on June 8, 2018, the Supreme Court of Illinois accepted its recommendation to adopt the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE). The UBE is a uniformly administered, graded and scored bar examination that results in a portable score. Illinois is now the 30th state to adopt the UBE.


The first administration of the UBE in Illinois will be July 2019. That application to TAKE the UBE in July 2019 will be available in January 2019.  The date Illinois will begin to accept applications to TRANSFER UBE scores earned in other UBE jurisdictions to Illinois is also January 2019.  A transferred UBE score to Illinois may not be more than four years old and must be a total scaled 266 or higher, and can be accepted even if the applicant did not pass the exam in the jurisdiction from which the score is being transferred.   


Be aware that in order for your score to be considered a portable UBE score, you must take the entire examination in one administration, and in a current UBE jurisdiction.  See


The format of the Illinois bar examination will change from three Illinois Essay questions, one Multistate Performance Test (MPT) task, six Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) questions and the 200 question Multistate Bar Exam (MBE-multiple choice) to two MPT tasks, six MEE questions, and the MBE. In other words, an additional MPT will replace the Illinois Essay questions.


The educational requirements, deadlines and fees to TAKE the UBE remain the same for Illinois. The fee to TRANSFER a UBE score to Illinois will be $1,250. The minimum total scaled score required to pass the Illinois bar examination will remain 266. Current weighting of the Illinois bar exam is 13.3% for the Illinois essays, 10% for the MPT, 26.7% for the MEE, and 50% for the MBE.  As of the July 2019 UBE administration, weighting will adjust to 20% for the two MPT sections, 30% for the six MEE questions, and 50% MBE. The current exam is, and the UBE will be, scored on a 400 point scale.


The new daily schedule for standard testers will be very similar to the current exam:


Tuesday                                  Wednesday

MPT (two tasks, 3 hours)        MBE AM (100 questions, 3 hours)

MEE (six essays, 3 hours)      MBE PM (100 questions, 3 hours)    

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