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Bar exam applicants seeking an Administrative Accommodation at the exam must now fill out an Administrative Accommodation Request Form.  An Administrative Accommodation (AA) provides a courtesy arrangement for applicants with certain health-related issues in standard test rooms following the standard testing schedule. 

Common examples of AA requests:

● MEDICAL DEVICE -Permission to bring a medical device or support such as lumbar cushion, boot, brace, sling, diabetic supply, glucose monitor, insulin pump, inhaler, EpiPen, etc., into the test room;

● SPECIAL SEATING - due to a medical condition (e.g., near restroom due to late stage pregnancy) or need for space for a wheelchair, scooter, crutches or other orthopedic device;

● MEDICATION - Permission to bring over-the-counter or prescription medication or food and beverage for medical reasons;

● BREAST PUMPING - Permission to bring a lactation pump and accessories, including cooler with ice packs, to: Option-1 Standard Test Room – where the examinee will be provided a private space to use the pump during restroom or lunch breaks within the standard testing schedule, or Option 2-AA Test Room – where the examinee will be provided a private space to use the pump during the exam with stop-the-clock breaks of up to 30 minutes per 3 hours of testing. 

Note: administratively-accommodated breast pumping in Option 2 provides the only deviation from the standard testing schedule for which an applicant does not submit Nonstandard Testing Accommodation forms.

★ In contrast, a Nonstandard Testing Accommodation (NTA) is an entirely separate form of accommodation provided to applicants with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) who have health-related conditions such as physical impairments, learning disorders, visual and hearing impairments, and psychiatric and psychological disorders. A NTA accommodation may deviate from the standard testing schedule.  NTA requests are reviewed by an outside consultant, have stricter deadlines, and require specific documentation.

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